As you are scouring the internet to find the right staffing agency to help fill your vacant HR position, you might want to consider choosing recruiters specializing in human resources.

You will stumble upon staffing agencies that claim they are experts in human resource staffing, but they may make that claim for several different industries as well. However, there are plenty of recruiters that make human resource hiring their single focus, which will help you find the most qualified individuals, due to their comprehensive network of professionals in the field.

Why avoid search firms that don’t have a focus industry?

Many staffing agencies make the claim that they offer you niche recruiting, yet they do not go into much more detail than that. The reason they stay very high level is that they make that claim for a number of positions across different industries. The problem you run into with a lack of industry focus is that the agencies fall short when it comes to their network of qualified individuals. If your recruiter does not have a pool of exceptional candidates, your business might suffer the consequences.

Recruiters specializing in human resources: What’s the difference?

Staffing agencies that specialize in niche recruiting cover one industry or one position. Their potential candidate pool is much more targeted, which will help you narrow your search to find individuals who are up to your standards. These staffing agencies act as an extension of your business, taking the necessary time to understand your company’s goals and culture. It is imperative your staffing agencies understand this so they truly appreciate what it takes to be a part of your organization.

What You Should Look For

Since the recruiting process is rigorous and extremely important in finding the most qualified candidates, it’s crucial you spend ample time searching for the right staffing agency to help meet your business’s goals. There are a few questions to keep in mind when you are executing your search.

  1. What is the staffing agency’s track record of proven results? Have they placed top tier talent for companies and have the candidates stayed in the position for an extended period of time.
  2. What is their turnover rate? This information is good to know because you do not want a staffing agency who cannot keep candidates in positions for a long period of time.
  3. Where do they find talent and can they ensure you receive only qualified individuals? Since the recruitment process can take a while you do not want to deal with candidates who are not up to your standards. This defeats the purpose of hiring a staffing agency to reduce the time spent on recruitment. In order for you to avoid this, make sure you and the agency are on the same page and lay out expectations right off the bat.
  4. Last but not least, how do they measure success? Every agency might have a different answer, but knowing what success means to them will be important to know. Also, you want to make sure their success aligns with yours.

The Choice is Yours

The next time you find yourself looking to fill an open position on your human resources team, you should consider hiring an agency that specializes in HR. Most staffing agencies fail to meet the needs of their clients because they are willing to sacrifice quality for speed. Staffing agencies like Interim HR Consulting have thrived because they know how to attract high-quality candidates quickly, without sacrificing speed or quality.

With more than 15 years of specializing in human resources staffing, Interim HR Consulting’s experience allows them to have a comprehensive approach to identifying talent and delivering premium talent to their customers. They can provide services for temporary staffing and temp-to-perm, and they have the ability to perform contingency searches. Your success is their success and they will not stop until you are satisfied with your candidates.

For more information about how Interim HR Consulting can assist your human resource needs, contact their team of experts today and one of them will reach out to you shortly.